Wither guide

29th Dec, 2022

Wither guide

The Wither, Minecraft's terrifying boss mob, can take on the Ender Dragon. The Wither is a powerful boss mob that can't naturally appear anywhere. If players want to fight this monster boss mob, they will need to create it manually.

To summon the boss mob, players will need four soul sand blocks and three wither skulls. Wither, a flying boss mob, is very dangerous and powerful. It is the most healthy, with 300 hearts in Java Edition, and 600 in Bedrock Edition.

Many players will jump in Minecraft 2022 and play the game for the very first time. Here are five things you need to know about Minecraft's Wither if you are starting to fight the mob.

5) Withers shoots explosive skulls

The boss mob will use explosive skulls to attack players when they fight the Wither. There are two types: a fast-moving black skull and a slower moving blue skull. Both skulls have explosive power equal to a ghastfireball.

4) Withers changes behavior for half-health

Java Edition: When Wither reaches half its health, it protects itself by wearing armor. The player cannot attack the mob using ranged weapons.

When the mob has reached half health, in Bedrock Edition it can protect itself with armor. It also spawns 3-4 wither skulls. Players can attack the mob only with melee weapons at this stage.

3) Withers cannot break certain blocks

Wither is a powerful mob that can break through most blocks. There are some blocks that the boss mob cannot break with its explosives. End frame blocks, Command blocks, Command blocks, portal blocks, bedrock, and moving pistons are just a few of the many blocks that can be broken by the boss mob. These can be used to trap mobs and make them more difficult to kill.

2) The Withers behavior after spawning

This is something that many new players don't realize, but a Wither will spawn and it is immune from any attack. Blue shields protect the boss mob and allow it to gain maximum power. The mob's power increases in about 10 seconds and causes a massive explosion that can kill players.

1) Wither drops the NetherStar

People who don't know may wonder why the Wither is worth fighting for. The answer is to get Nether Star. The Nether Star is a rare item and can only be obtained by killing mobs. You can use Nether star to create Beacons. These can give players different strengths without the need for any potion or enchantment.