Next Minecraft update

21st Jan, 2023

Next Minecraft update

Minecraft 1.18 was released recently, but players are already looking forward to the 1.19 update. The 1.19 update promises to be massive and includes a few features that were removed from the 1.18 update.

Although it's still far off, Minecraft players are excited for the next major update. This will continue the tradition of Minecraft updates that make the game more fun and better. We know a lot about it.

Mojang has confirmed the name of the update as the first. The update will be called The Wild update.

Mojang has been quiet since Caves & Cliffs Part 2 was released. They want to keep their focus on the latest update and not get ahead. It is possible that the 1.19 update is still not available.

The Wild update has several new features. Although the 1.18 update was originally supposed to include The Warden (a new boss), it was delayed, making 1.19 even more significant.

Bundles were another addition, which was rumored added in 1.18. It was never added. Although it is not confirmed for 1.19 yet, many people expect it to arrive around the same time as all the other additions, making this game even more expansive.

The Allay will join the game along with the Warden. The Allay, a mob of helpful mobs that won the 2021 Minecraft Live Mob Vote, is joining the game. In 1.19, both fireflies and frogs will join the game.

These two mobs will spawn in a new biome, The Mangrove Swamp. This biome will be the first version of the swamp biome that is added to the game.