Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a

23rd Jan, 2023

Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a

– The game now runs on OpenGL 3.2 core profile. The maximum size slimes can now be summoned with now is 128
– The give command is limited to granting 100 stacks of items at once (e.g. 6400 stone or 100 iron blades


OpenGL 3.2 core profile is used for rendering. Shader-based rendering has replaced all fixed function rendering.


Shaders can now be included for all supported render state. Resource packs can be used to replace any shader, except the blit. These shaders cannot be replaced at the moment, and it is possible that the way it works in the future will change.

The current rendering engine uses a system that is similar to the post-processing shader pipeline. There are some differences that allow each system to meet slightly different requirements.

Fixed bugs in 21w10a

MC-29318: Client misses inventory updates when player is manipulating items. This causes invisible items
MC-84121: Shape of glow effect is based upon mob's base layers
MC-87019: Only visible slots are updated clientside while you are in an inventory
MC-154094 – Lectern running /clear transforms items into ghost items
MC-175964 – Setblock command run in book in lectern in order to clear inventory run within command block causes ghost articles
MC-201316: The /give command can create so much inventory that the game will freeze
MC-207818 – Placing a sign starting from the offhand closes it the sign UI immediately
MC-208301 – /clear does NOT properly affect the item on your mouse pointer after crafting it
MC-210408- /spawnpoint allows players set their spawnpoint at out-of-bounds coordinates. This causes the game to crash when trying to respawn.
MC-211666 – Guardians attack invisible axolotls
MC-212127 – Normal ink sacs and glow ink bags are not grouped together in the creative inventory
MC-212144 Subtitles refers to Glow Item Frame as an “Item Frame”.
MC-212168 – Ctrl+ Pick Block doesn't copy block state “lit”.
MC-212236 – Cannot visually critically-hit a glow Squid (No sound/particles).
MC-212314: Glow squid stays dark even though there is a light source next to it
MC-212325: Glow Squid entity information (potion effects custom name, …) doesn't get saved
MC-214629: FOV decreases underwater, regardless of FOV Effects accessibility setting
MC-214781 – Lava doesn't generate at the bottom of noise caves
MC-214784 – Fossils can generate floating in caves
MC-214836: Land that is too flooded by water caves
MC-214844 – Bedrock can be exposed at the bottom of new caves to the air.
MC-214970 – Phantoms make too many flapping sounds
MC-215194 – Structure blocks are not compatible with y=0
MC-215838 – At the moment, there is no way to make deepslate tiles or deepslate bricks.
MC-215850 – Deepslate Tile Wall comes before Deepslate Brick Wall, but Deepslate Bricks come first in creative inventory before Deepslate Tiles
MC-215939 – Emerald ore spawns at lower frequencies than it should, above y=100
MC-216136 – Polished deepslate slab cannot be grouped with other deepslate slabs in the creative inventory
MC-216363 – Crash when replacing soul sand with magma under a tall bubble column using/setblock
MC-216735 – Stone Lapis Ore generating in Deepslate
MC-216736: Lava lakes create exposed in caves
MC-216765 – Coal ore can produce below Y=0 when it is attached to a fossil
MC-216817 – Inconsistency: Cobbled Deepslate cannot be melted back into Deepslate
MC-218139 – Spectator vision bug