Hidden items in Minecraft

30th Jan, 2023

Hidden items in Minecraft

After the success of survival, Minecraft creative was the second game mode added to Minecraft. This game mode gives players unlimited resources, unlimited health, and the possibility to fly.

Although Minecraft creative is extremely popular, there are many interesting aspects to it that are still relatively unknown. You can only get these hidden items in Minecraft creative mode.

This article will discuss some of the most unique hidden items in creative mode or in the creative menu.

5) Bedrock

This is the first block on the list. This item is extremely rare, but it is not possible to get in Minecraft survival mode.

Fans will know that the bedrock is irreplaceable. It can't be destroyed in Minecraft survival to get picked up.

4) End Portal Frame

The End portal frame is an important block that allows you to cross into the End region and defeat the Ender dragon.

The frame block can be found in all strongholds in Minecraft Survival Mode. However, it is not possible to pick it up or break it. This block can only be obtained via the creative menu, or by using cheats to spawn it.

3) Spawn Eggs

Spawn eggs are one of the most valuable items in Minecraft.

However, in regular Minecraft vanilla you can only obtain spawn eggs of any type via the creative menu. There are many types of spawn eggs available, each spawning a different mob.

2) Farmland

Farmland is another block that can only been obtained by the Minecraft creative menu.

It is possible to transform a dirt block into a farmland block using Minecraft survival mode. However, it is not possible to pick it up.

1) Player Heads

Player heads are one of the most common blocks in Minecraft's creative servers.

The most distinctive block in the game is the player head. It can be textured with any player's face to create a Minecraft. This is quite impressive considering Minecraft has been bought over 200 million times.