Minecraft Snapshot 21w10a

– The game now runs on OpenGL 3.2 core profile. The maximum size slimes can now be summoned with now is 128– The give command is limited to granting 100 stacks of items at once (e.g. 6400 stone or 100 iron blades OpenGL OpenGL 3.2 core profile is used for rendering. Shader-based rendering has replaced … Read more

PewDiePie Effect

Felix “PewDiePie”, Kjellberg, did something his fans wanted for years. He made a Minecraft video almost two months ago. And he hasn’t stopped making them since. Kjellberg’s best month in years was marked by more than 570,000,000 views in July. This video also launched a new trend among YouTube’s biggest creators. Fortnite has been the … Read more

Usefulness of a honeycomb block

The useful item Minecraft uses is honeycombs. They are rare and difficult to find safely. They are extremely rare and can be used in many different crafting recipes. It is worth the effort. This article will show you how to locate honeycombs, and what to do once you have them. How to locate honeycombs in Minecraft and … Read more

Hidden items in Minecraft

After the success of survival, Minecraft creative was the second game mode added to Minecraft. This game mode gives players unlimited resources, unlimited health, and the possibility to fly. Although Minecraft creative is extremely popular, there are many interesting aspects to it that are still relatively unknown. You can only get these hidden items in Minecraft creative … Read more

Next Minecraft update

Minecraft 1.18 was released recently, but players are already looking forward to the 1.19 update. The 1.19 update promises to be massive and includes a few features that were removed from the 1.18 update. Although it’s still far off, Minecraft players are excited for the next major update. This will continue the tradition of Minecraft updates … Read more

Wither guide

The Wither, Minecraft’s terrifying boss mob, can take on the Ender Dragon. The Wither is a powerful boss mob that can’t naturally appear anywhere. If players want to fight this monster boss mob, they will need to create it manually. To summon the boss mob, players will need four soul sand blocks and three wither skulls.¬†Wither, a … Read more